Spiritual Practices

An Embodied Faith

On my journeys, I have found different practices to empower me and reflect my faith. These practices have shifted over time depending on location, resources, and community. Some of the practices that have sustained me in the past and/or that I currently engage in are:

  • Praying while walking the labyrinth at Land's End (San Francisco, pictured).

  • Walking any labyrinth that I get access to.

  • Reading seasonal devotionals with friends (such as for Advent)

  • Being mentored by others who have wisdom and kindness to share.

  • Honoring my mentors by sharing their stories.

  • Mentoring others who seek my companionship.

  • Sharing stories over meals with people from different countries.

  • Being attuned to the realities of the people who come beside and behind me, advocating alongside them.

  • When reading the Bible, paying attention to the unnamed and background characters, discerning their stories.

  • Dancing for Jesus when I am happy and when I am upset - my most intimate form of prayer. Much like David (2 Samuel 6:14) but without any political power.