Ministry Portfolio

About Me

Hello! My name is Christópher Abreu Rosario (pronounced KREES-TOH-FAY AH-BRAY-oh-HROH-ZAH-REE-oh), most people call me Ófe. I am a Dominican-American with a bit of a sweet tooth and a serious love for Jesus Christ.

I study at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, GA, seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

I have interned at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Trenton, NJ, and completed a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) unit with San Francisco Night Ministry.

I am under the care of the Presbytery of San Francisco and Mission Bay Community Church (SF).

With a prior career in Film and Television production, I've learned the power of storytelling. Every culture across the globe has story, a unifying aspect of our humanity that, when used for good, can teach, connect, and inspire communities for just change and personal and spiritual growth.

This site serves as a portfolio for my work in ministry. Check out some of my sermon samples, look through some excerpts from my prior ministry experience, or see my education history.

I invite you to see my full résumé on LinkedIn. I also write for the blog ROMANS1310, chronicling my journey of faith, following the will of God to enter ministry, and surviving what is seminary as a gay Latinx man in a predominately Euro-American denomination.